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A site of homemade, natural, organic candles and soaps, created with unique and individual touches.  Feel free to read a little about us and our goals on the, 'About Us ' tab. 

Candles are a Wonderful way of relaxing our souls and creating a peaceful environment, while soaps, bath fizzies & healing body butters can help to take care of our bodies needs.  

Buy a candle, Organic soap or bath fizzy for that someone Special in your life that you feel could use a gentle touch or acknowledgment.  It's a nice way to show how much you care.  Please note: AOL may not be compatible to view store.

I have started this creative plan with a goal and purpose in mind.  To share with survivors of violence, they do have a voice.  The best empowerment comes from within.  Many times survivors of incest must struggle with the idea that they were not cared for in a healthy way by their parents.  The inner child still craves that healthy care and attention.  Empowerment comes from being able to start caring for your inner child as you wished your parents could have done.  This is the light of hope that will lift an individual along the sometimes rocky path.  To read more visit our, 'About Us,' page.

When ever possible, candles are scented with essences rather than fragrances.  Due to the properties of essences (flammability), all essences are of mixed values.  All precautions are made to ensure the safety of each candle and it's burning properties.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email and we will answer any question you may have as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Coffee Patchouli exfoliate brew.  This scent is a more robust, woodsy, coffee blend for someone that wants to rid themselves of grease, garlic, or a dirty yard job.  Great kitchen or garage soap.  Men seem to like this scent the most. Good for dry and/ or aging skin due to the Patchouli essential oil and other organic oils.  Will be added to the store soon.

Please enjoy your visit and we look forward to your return.

Come see our booth at the North Cheyenne Canyon Park, Humming Bird Festival on May 12, 2012


Silky Lanolin Body Butter - A little goes a long way!

Also three different types of Organic Premium Bath Teas.  The Spearmint Rose Hip made especially to refresh from a long hard day & for it's natural cooling effects on the skin.  Also has Allergy quieting effects which are helpful as we enter fall. A new bath tea hits the scene!  Fresh Mood Lifting Bath Tea.

       New Lavender Way
       Anti Aging Premium 
       Soap!  Beautiful Woad
       Color, with alluring 
        scent of lavender and 
        the natural ingredient
        from the seeds of the 
        date palm kernel.  Has
        free radical scavenging 
        properties that protect
        skin from environmental
        sources of aging & wrinkling.

Carnival Candy Soy Candles.
For the man in your life, Valentines Day is coming,  a wonderful new, men's soap and women love it as well,
 Sandalwood Spice!
  Add peace & relaxation to your life with stress reducing bath teas. Just in - NEW Lip loving Lip Balms also Lavender Way Anti Wrinkle Organic Soap!  Premium organic soap - For infants to adult -has Scar reducing benefits!
For an amazing and inspirational song, sung by a gifted young girl, follow this link to the right.  Well worth watching!  Jackie Evanchos.  " To Believe"  click on the YouTube box at the right and it will take you to YouTube
New Premium Long Lasting Lip balms now in!  Softer formula with Bergamot Essential oil-helps with canker sores.Cocoa Butter aides healing!  See under Holiday Sale - Lip Balm Sweet Vanilla Spice and Vanilla Spice as well as original formula Hint of mint. See under Holiday Sale - Lip Balm Sweet Vanilla Spice and Vanilla Spice as well as original formula Hint of mint.
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Brand NEW Spearmint Basil 100% Natural LOTION!  See info in STORE under ALL natural  LOTION!